The Future of The Commute

After four years of hosting The Commute—a 52-mile, 24-hour endurance walking challenge—we organizers are at a crossroads. The experience of putting on the event has been positive, unforgettable, and undeniably rewarding.

It is also a time-consuming event to host, and developments in our personal and professional lives have left us with little time to spend on the preparation necessary to host the event up to our standards—and improve upon the events of years past. We were hoping for time to become a little more available, for our schedules to open up, but that hasn’t happened.

Therefore, with a heavy heart we have realized it’s time to admit it: The Commute will not be happening in June 2015.

We’re trying now to figure out the future of the walk and would like to get some input from you. Please take a few minutes to take our survey and help us figure out if we should try to put on the walk later this year, postpone it until next year, or let it go entirely.

Click here to take the survey >

To all the folks out there who were looking forward to doing the walk this June we send our deepest apologies. We would have loved to see some familiar faces and meet new walkers.

To all the folks who have walked with us and volunteered to help us run this unique and wonderful event over the last four years: THANK YOU. You realy made it all worthwhile.

Your ever-grateful Commute Team